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7 Reasons to Visit Dominica, the Caribbean’s ‘Nature Island’

Posted on 10 April 2019 by

The rainforest-clad mountains of Dominica arguably constitute the most dramatic vistas in the Caribbean. Not to be confused with the much more touristy Dominican Republic several hundred miles to the west, this verdant island offers incredible natural scenery and warm, welcoming people. It's little wonder more Britons than ever are being drawn here.


Here are some of the best reasons to visit...

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27 Ways to Slash Your Travel Costs

Posted on 12 February 2019 by

For many of us, going on holiday or taking a longer trip abroad is an expensive undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little determination and research, and by sacrificing a few luxuries, most of us can afford to get away. Here are 27 ways to slash your travel costs…                                                                                                               

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5 Must-Have Winter Travel Gadgets

Posted on 14 November 2018 by

From smartphone gloves with conductive fingerprints, to hotel room air purifiers and waterproof e-readers - these items will make your winter travels extra memorable.


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